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The style of music

I’m still hooked on The Suburbs CD, so I don’t have a playlist this week. I do, however, have some really awesome music-inspired posters to share! From Fubiz. (I found the link on Inspiredology.) How cool are these? See more here. What are you doing this weekend? I’m celebrating Halloween by watching the Harry Potter movies with …

Be inspired

I’m not really feeling inspired to write today, so instead I’ll show you some inspiration. There’s just too much inspiration out there to keep it all straight in my head, so I joined Tumblr to save and share the things that inspire me from day to day. Maybe you’ll find something there that inspires you, …

A gift to be simple

Lately I’ve been feeling inspired to simplify my life. From that extra shirt shoved into the back of my closet, to the one pair of shoes that doesn’t have a home, from the stack of CDs I never use, to the entire drawer (and maybe traincase) full of makeup that I don’t need (Don’t judge. …

Best Laid Plans

You know what they say about the best laid plans . . . If you’ve visited my blog in the past couple of days, you were greeted with an awesome new design, an eyesore, if you use Internet Explorer (Why?! Allow me to point you to Chrome and Firefox), or a little green monster telling …

The Suburbs

This week I downloaded The Suburbs album from Arcade Fire. Here’s a short review. I first discovered Arcade Fire through the trailer for Where the Wild Things Are, which used “Wake Up.” It was one of those songs that I knew immediately I had to have from the very first notes. And my instincts weren’t …

A Few of My Favori-tech Things

Bear with me, y’all, I’m having a nerd moment. I just discovered the amazingness of Google Chrome, and I’m a little obsessed. So, this week’s love list is all about nerdy tech love. 1. Google Chrome I’ve been a faithful Firefox user for years, but lately I’ve noticed it takes a while to load on …

Hot Springs, Part 2: Attractions and Tips

Yesterday I talked about the accommodations and food on my 3-day weekend in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Today I’m talking attractions and things my roommate and I learned for our next trip. Shopping Downtown has plenty of shopping, and there’s even more if you venture off the main road. Here are my favorites: The Savory Pantry …


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