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Big love

No, I’m not talking Valentine’s Day. I’ve cut back on the amount of television I watch, but one thing I can’t give up is my Sunday night HBO. It will be a sad, sad day when I have to say goodbye to one of my favorites, Big Love. So this one’s for all you fellow …

Now playing

I usually listen to Pandora all day at work, and occasionally a song will stand out in such a way that I just have to know what it is. When that kept happening with songs from A Fine Frenzy, I decided it was time to add some of her music to my collection. So you …

Some days . . .

. . . you just need to curl up under a cozy quilt and call it a day. Photo via Pinterest. Or, you could make homemade oatmeal, boil your milk over the pot in the process, and make a total mess of your kitchen. (At least the end result was delicious.) Best laid plans, huh? …

Quote of the day

Photo via Pinterest, design by me. For as long as I’ve known him, my grandpa has always been a big fan of corny inspirational quotes. Like the kind you find in that motivational store. You know, the one with the posters that show a picture of a mountain with some quote about success being a …

Reason #347 why I love Metric

Screenshot from the music video Do you ever buy a CD, listen to the same 3 songs on repeat for a while, then pick it up later and discover a little gem you didn’t notice before? Metric’s Fantasies was a total impulse buy for me — I had heard a couple of their songs on …

Snow day!

Stew via Smitten Kitchen, book via Amazon, fireplace via Pinterest. In the South, even the slightest potential for snow becomes a big event. Local stations break for regular weather updates, interstates shut down before the first bit of precipitation even begins to fall, and everyone checks the window every 15 minutes for the first sign …

On the radio

A few songs from my Pandora radio for your Friday afternoon: All played on Pandora’s indie rock station. Have a great weekend!


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