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Hello, friend.

Color palette via Color Collective New scorecard for the past seven days: Freak incidents causing me to arrive at work late/leave early: 0 Awesome days at work: 5 Books read: 1 1/2 Super fun projects: 1 Episodes of Greek watched: Too many to count Hello, friend. How are you?

One of those weeks.

Illustration by Katie Evans, hello hello design, for Matchbook Magazine. My scorecard for the past seven days: Allergic reactions: 2 Visits to quick care facility: 1 Visits to doctor: 1 Flat tires: 1 Days leaving work early or coming in late due to previously mentioned incidents: 3 (did I mention I started a new job …

Some days . . .

. . . you just need to give your to-do list the (freshly manicured) finger. Photo via Pinterest.

Popping in . . .

. . . to say hello, and I got a new job! I started on Monday and have really been enjoying it so far. Needless to say, it’s been a busy week. Hope you’re having a great week, and enjoy your weekend! Print and pattern via Pinterest.

But I don’t wanna

Remember how I said I was spending more time in the kitchen than ever? Not this week. My kitchen and I are taking a break in our relationship. Most of the time I really love cooking, but there are just some weeks that, for some unknown reason, I’m just not feeling it. At. All. Via …

Let’s fly away

I could use a little R&R on a beach in Greece right about now. Preferably with fruity cocktails served by a hot bartender named Dionysus. Who’s with me?


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