Blogkeeping // Backing Up Your Blog

Can I tell you a secret? I forget to back up my blog. You probably do too, but the difference between me and you is that I’m constantly telling others to do it (and I feel a little ridiculous considering how easy it is!). So let’s take a few minutes this weekend and back up […]

Blogkeeping // Facebook and Twitter Usernames

So you have, but and @myblogisawesome are taken? No worries just yet, you may still be able to claim them, if the people claiming the accounts aren’t using them. (It is possible to claim accounts that are active, but you must have a trademark for your case to be considered.) From my research, […]

Working Girl

I thought I would start occasionally sharing my thoughts and experiences from running my own business, because I know I find it helpful to read about others’ experiences, and to be honest, sometimes you need to be able to look back and remind yourself how far you’ve come. I think the biggest lesson I’ve learned […]

Blogkeeping // Pin It for Images

Have you seen the new Pin It hover on images that many blogs have started using? (If you haven’t, hover over the image above to see!) Here’s how to do it on your own blog (sorry, self-hosted WordPress only): Install the Plugin Install the Pinterest Image Pinner plugin from Collective Bias. Update Settings Open the […]