Blogkeeping // All About Twitter

Last week, I talked about a couple of ways you can use Twitter in growing your readership, and a number of people mentioned they just weren’t sure how to use Twitter in general. Personally, I love Twitter, but it’s not everyone’s thing, and that’s ok! You will get a lot more out of it if […]

Blogkeeping // Growing Your Readership

In the last couple of weeks we’ve discussed original content and collaborations for growing your blog, which is what keeps readers coming back. But what can you do to get them to visit in the first place? Leave thoughtful comments I think this probably goes without saying, but the blogging community is built on comments. […]

Blogkeeping // Collaborations with Bloggers

Last week, a number of people said they wanted to start collaborating with other bloggers, so I thought I’d share some things I’ve learned working on At the Moment, Across the USA, guest posts when I went on vacation, and guest posts for other bloggers. As mentioned, collaborations are not only a great way to […]

Getting Organized

I’ve already mentioned this a couple of times, but ever since I returned from Alt Summit, I’ve felt the need to get seriously organized, thanks to Erin‘s panel on organizing your online life (please ignore the fact that it took me two weeks to unpack my suitcase… we’re talking digital organization here, remember?). You know how […]

Blogkeeping // Original Content

On the Blogkeeping survey last year, by far the biggest struggle noted was growing your readership. I’m sure you’ve heard this a hundred times (and probably at least half of those in last week’s Alt recaps), but the key to growing your readership is focusing on creating original content. But what does that even mean? […]