A gift to be simple

Lately I’ve been feeling inspired to simplify my life. From that extra shirt shoved into the back of my closet, to the one pair of shoes that doesn’t have a home, from the stack of CDs I never use, to the entire drawer (and maybe traincase) full of makeup that I don’t need (Don’t judge. Every girl needs a dirty little secret.), I’ve been rethinking everything I own.

Because you never know when your closet may grow massive amounts of mold from an A/C leak and the landlord won’t fix it. And then you have to move into a friend’s house on one day’s notice. (It happened, people.)

Ok, this isn’t really about that. It’s not even about not having enough space for the things I own — I actually have more than enough (minus the pair of shoes and the extra shirt). It’s about quality over quantity, knowing that everything I own is a reflection of me and adds to my life in some way.

I recently discovered Emily’s Remodeling this Life and her 31 days of Living Simply series. This quote from Day 19 really stuck with me:

Whenever I think I have to have something or that I’ve found a deal I can’t pass up, I remind myself that there with always be something else. Something newer and shinier. The newest best things today are tomorrow’s Goodwill donations. Target will always have a clearance rack, Goodwill will always have $5 jeans, yard sales will always have household stuff for $1, and there will always be catalogs with nice things in them making what I have now look like old news.

For me, this isn’t just about not buying things only because they’re on sale. It reminds me that everything has a time and place, and the only reason worth buying, or even keeping, something now is because it has a place in my life right now.

Most of the things I’ve held on to aren’t important to me, but I felt like I couldn’t get rid of them because someone gave them to me, or throwing them out would be a waste of money. But when the aforementioned mold issue happened a few months ago, I was forced to quickly evaluate what I had room for in my life — it’s amazing what little attachment you have to things when you’re trying to pack them up in 12 hours. And you know what? I haven’t missed a single thing I threw out, or felt bad about it at all.

So I’m taking a cue from Jess of Makeunder My Life and starting my own End of the Week Exfoliation. I’ll be adding a section to my sidebar to keep track, and newly exfoliated items will be added Sunday evening. I’m also making a commitment to think through each of my purchases, big or small, and carefully evaluate if an item has a place in my life before I buy.

And maybe one day my makeup collection will go from looking this:

To looking like this:

With less makeup, of course. But an equally beautiful display of the things I truly love.

Care to join me?


  1. Yes I do! I need help with this big time so I’d love to know exactly what you are doing/purging/simplifying. :)

  2. great post. i can identify with you on so many things you’ve mentioned here. something has compelled me to nickel and dime my way to too much stuff for years. for me, it was fearing i’d miss an “opportunity”…but like you say, there will be another sale and another chance to get a deal. i was watching the show hoarders and one of the doctors said “we all find a million things that are beautiful and that we really like, but we can’t choose to have them all.” while i don’t have a hoarding problem, i do sometimes panic about not seizing “shopportunities,” but i’ve found that many of my “wants” subside with a little time. less is more.

    glad i found your blog.

  3. Reaction: Small changes


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