It started with that blue Publish button.

Allow me to explain:

I’m a recovering perfectionist. I spent years at desk jobs I hated because I thought I had to have it all perfectly planned before I could do what I love for a living (and I wasn’t even sure what that was!).

One day, simply fed up, I knew I just had to do something. One small thing. So I started a blog and hit the publish button.

And in that moment I discovered the power of having an online place to call home.

After designing my own site (over, and over, and over again!) and feeling the pride and joy of having something that truly represented me, I started doing the same for others.

Today, I’m on a mission to help you look your best online so you can do what you love, too.

Sometimes my work looks like one-on-one work with clients to design and develop a web presence for them. Other times, it’s teaching people simple ways to improve their online presence through weekly emails, blog posts, and digital work (like my book on WordPress and my brand discovery journal).

Ultimately, all of my work is about helping people create their freedom online and be recognized for the amazing work they do.

Because the world is way better when we can do what we love and be proud of our work.

When I’m not making the internet a pretty place, I’m planning my next travel adventure, catching up on the latest Scandal, Game of Thrones, or too many other shows to name, reading an embarrassing selection of young adult dystopian novels, or giving my dog Dobby (yes, like the house elf from Harry Potter) lots of belly rubs and taking her to run around at the dog park.

Want to join the fun?

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