Organizing your posts in WordPress

Let’s be honest: WordPress looks deceptively simple. You install WordPress, log in, see a section for posts, add a new one, and the post editor looks pretty similar to any other word processor you’ve used. You type out your thoughts, maybe bold some text, add a few links, and hit the big blue publish button. Done. […]

It’s not about you

Designers can get very personally attached to and invested in their work. Anytime I’m around a group of designers, someone inevitably mentions how upset they are that their client just rejected their favorite design, which of course might be their best work yet. I’m sure this isn’t limited to designers. After all, when you’re a […]

4 tips for consistent blogging

Let’s be honest: it’s really hard to blog consistently. Some days I can plan out two month’s worth of content in a short time. Some days I look at my editorial calendar and think all of my ideas are crap. Some days are just busier than others. I know I’m not the only one — […]