1. so when I emailed my dad that link I may have glanced at it too… and learned a lot. #sorryimnotsorry

    SEE? THAT WAS FUNNY! BECAUSE IT’S A SUPERFLUOUS HASHTAG! okay, yes, I really am guilty of using hashtags unnecessarily. I will admit to liking the silly ones like #ohmygoodnesswhyissocialmediasocomplicated but I do get annoyed when people, say, Instagram a picture of a flower and then add #flower #crocus #spring #flowersinthespring #withaprilshowerscomemayflowers #garden #greenthumb #lovewarmweather (I could go on…) because yes it seems totally spammy, like they’re trying to cover every possible searchable base and then it becomes less about sharing something with your friends and more about publicizing yourself.

    HELLO RUN-ON SENTENCE. the end :)

  2. Thanks Lisa, that was a really helpful post. When I started using twitter, I found Julie Kirk’s ‘Tips for the Twitter-curious’ to be a great source of information: http://notesonpaper.blogspot.co.uk/p/tips-for-twitter-curious.html
    Now, I love twitter and use it every day. I only follow people whose tweets I find entertaining and informative and who tweet nice pictures. Too many baby, or cat pictures are a no-go for me:)!
    I haven’t checked out any of the twitter aps yet – that’s the next step!

  3. Jess says

    Like Betsy, I totally agree on the hashtags thing – though sometimes I make my own or I use one so I can get answers from people either searching that hashtag or from companies ‘fishing.’

    Also, love that glamping made its way into your post. I was worried you were actually going to post something about glamping!

  4. I have a really hard time with Twitter. It’s my least favourite social medium because a) I don’t really understand how to use it and b) it’s not visual (that’s why I love Pinterest). Thanks for the tips you gave us in your blogpost. I will definitely make more of an effort in the future.

  5. Allyssa says

    great tips! I need to look into using hashtags more often. I know there are times when I could be using them, but I always forget.

  6. Kate says

    I think it’s so important to follow people intentionally- I was definitely in the camp of following everyone back when I started, and then I was stuck with either having to unfollow a bunch of people or make lists. I’ve done both, but right now I’ve gotten into a nice list groove on Tweetdeck, which makes my main feed seem more manageable by having a more selective list as one of my first columns.

    And I’m totally with you on Buffer. Sometimes it takes me a little while to respond, but I tweet spontaneously pretty frequently too so hopefully it balances. I’d rather see scheduled tweets than having someone totally flood my feed. Great post, Lisa!

  7. Thanks for the helpful tips! I’m horrible at Twitter…and FB…and basically all social media related to my blog. Definitely need to work on improving my level of interaction with my readers!

  8. Mari says

    Oh my lord, I’m a pretty avid twitter user, and somehow missed the whole “.@smallforbig” approach to mentions!
    I learned something so valuable today, thank you Lisa!!!

  9. I am so checking out that “mom” link! And agree with Betsy on those instagram hashtags! Because, really, who in their right mind is searching all over instagram for images of half that stuff anyway? I use twitter, but only on a very basic level, hootsuite made my head hurt;) And finally, love these blogkeeping posts #thisseriesrocks

  10. Kat says

    I love twitter! But.uhm..I think I am guilty of the over hashtagging especially in the beginning when just trying to figure things out- – #oops. Spammy autotweets are my least favorite, and the quickest way for me to unfollow. Its sad when it comes from someone I really wanted to hear from! My new blog posts autotweet, and I have an old blog post auto tweet daily. I never know the right ratio, I’m still feeling it out.

  11. Lisa, thank you for this – great post!

  12. Yes, I totally checked out the “mom” link and it REALLY helped. I actually JUST joined Twitter last night (eek!), so this post is QUITE timely. I’m going to have to get into scheduling posts…and I do like the idea of interacting with other bloggers who I might not otherwise feel comfortable to contact directly (though that’s still a bit scary). Excited to follow YOU on Twitter!

  13. Kait says

    Haha I love your conversation examples – road rage glamping too good. Thanks for the tips :)

  14. Marie says

    Great tips, especially when it comes to choosing who to follow. I try not to follow more people than I can actually pay attention to. That hasn’t turned out to be a ton of people, but it’s more enjoyable and manageable for me that way.

    Also, I sometimes unfollow on one social media service and follow elsewhere instead. For example, if I realize I’m more interested in someone’s Tumblr than their Tweets, I’ll follow there instead. So it’s not a true “unfollow” — it’s more like a migration.

  15. rita says

    i get super awkward/self conscious in real life and really struggle to jump into real life convos… i just hover on the sidelines and look like a creep. twitter has made it easier for me to jump in to convos and add my input or ask questions and i’ve made a ton of new friends that way – including lisa! :) also , i’m sharing that jessica hische site with my team @ work. b/c suddenly everyone wants to be on social media but no one here understands it. :)

  16. I’m a new blogger- just launched this week! But have been reading your blogkeeping series for about a month now. I think I stumbled here from either Stipes & Sequins or VMac. Either way, I just wanted to say thank you. Your explanations are incredibly helpful, I learn something every time I read one. And you have this great way of making everything seem approachable and easy to digest. This has quickly become one of my favorite blog columns.

  17. Jadyn says

    Thanks so much for writing about this Lisa! I am starting to think that maybe Twitter isn’t really my media whereas I’m loving Instagram. (And I’m totally guilty of posting a lot of baby photos on both!) But I might give it another shot.

    I was wondering if you could share a bit about how you use it, not the technical side but what you get out of it and how you use it to promote your blog/business and connect with others. Also, what are your criteria for following others? I like what you said about only following people you like and I’ve realized I often follow people back just in the off chance that they might say something interesting…
    Anyway, thanks again for the great post!

  18. Thank you for this- You are awesome :)

  19. Lori says

    Lisa, this is so helpful! I am really loving these weekly blogkeeping tips. Twitter is becoming more and more of my favorite app, especially when sharing blog posts. I do have one question – how do you get the short links to your post; it usually starts with “bit…”? I really like this but haven’t figure out how to do it!

  20. I basically joined Twitter however many years ago just to not get left behind. I’m not sorry I did, but you know I just don’t quite like it like I like Facebook. However, I LOVE that it’s introduced hashtags into everyday conversation elsewhere. I’m getting Facebook posts and texts with funny hashtags all of the time, and even my boyfriend notices all of the TV shows flashing hashtags on the screen to encourage people to tweet about them. Maybe I need to Twitter-stalk you for a while and see what you’re doing that makes you like it so much.


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