1. i need SCHINDEWOLF so bad. but then i need it on instagram also.

    1. rita says

      so good to know! i have tried to tweet the person with my name (sans middle initial) and no response, i’ve been meaning to buy my name URL so maybe once i do that i can email twitter!

  2. Jez says

    So this might seem a little stalkerish, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do: My name was taken by an inactive account, so any tweets to her would likely go unread. I looked on her follower list for someone with a unique name (since hers was sort of common) and Facebooked that person, searched the FB friends for my name twin, and voila, I was able to contact her about releasing the name. A bit creepy, some would say, but for people who really want their name and can’t stand when a good name goes unused, there you go. Stalking 101.


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