1. These are great guidelines, Lisa! Off topic, but I was wondering- have you ever done a post on the costs of starting up on wordpress? Not necessarily the “hiring a designer” part, but the other costs, like themes and plugins and hosting and whatnot? At some point, I’d like to switch over, and it would be great to have some idea of what I should be budgeting for. I tried the search box, but didn’t get anything, so I wasn’t sure if you’ve covered it before or not. Thanks!

  2. As a contributor to the “At the Moment” series, I have to say that it was a very smooth process.

    Now that I’m pregnant, I’m thinking about getting some guest posters when I take a mini maternity leave from blogging come May or June. Definitely marking this post for future reference!

  3. Allyssa says

    Lisa, this is great! This information will really come in handy when I decide to collaborate. Thanks :)

  4. Kait says

    I have been brainstorming blogger contribution series ideas so this post couldn’t have come at a better time! Thank you for all of the helpful advice

  5. Please tell all of your readers to come to me in the case of a housesitting emergency. I know the locations of all of the closest Banana Republics and Anthropologys. Anthropologies. Antropologys.

  6. This is REALLY helpful. I’ve actually been thinking about how to approach inviting guest bloggers and you’ve now assured me that having a focus or a guiding question is the way to go. It makes sense. We find freedom in form, oftentimes, don’t we? Asking my students to go create a piece of theatre leaves them staring blankly. But if I say, “Go create a piece of theatre that has an entrance, an exit, a moment of surprise, a moment of despair, and 7 seconds of slow motion….” they’re suddenly inspired. (Sorry, that’s the theatre teacher analogy that made the most sense in my mind.) I’m loving your blogging tips, Lisa! You’ve got a lot of wisdom and I am continually learning from you.

  7. Awesome tips! I’ve done guest posts, but have never asked anyone to do one on my blog, just shy and not really knowing how to go about asking, etc.

  8. Alice says

    I’m slowly developing ideas for possible collaborations, but I’m just so afraid no one will want to do it.

    I want to start an interview series, monthly at first, but because I’m fairly new my blog doesn’t have as many views as other more known established blogs, so I’m afraid that if I write to those that I like, that they will refuse because my readership is smaller. And consequently I’ll have no people to interview.

    Do you have any advice?



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