5 simple steps to start your blog

Starting a blog these days is pretty intimidating. People talk about the importance of having a brand, a point of view, a great design — it’s enough to make your head spin. No wonder so many of you email me and say you’re still stuck in the beginning stages! Today I’d like to break it […]

Why I deleted almost 500 posts

To prepare for my site redesign, I deleted almost 500 posts from my site. Yes, you read the correctly. I deleted more posts than I kept on my site. (Before you freak out on my behalf, don’t worry — they aren’t gone forever. I copied them over to a private archive.) It wasn’t an easy […]

The ultimate guide to blog post ideas

It happens to all of us at one point or another. You’ve blocked off an entire Sunday afternoon to get your blog posts ready for the week, and you’re so excited. You turn on your favorite writing music, get comfortable in your favorite chair, open up your laptop, create a new blank document, and… nothing. […]

Want to write more? Try this.

I ask every single person who signs up for my email list to tell me one thing they want to do for their website right now. About half of the responses I get are some variation of “write a blog post already.” We’re all busy. Whether you’re running a business and blogging in between client […]