4 tips for consistent blogging

Let’s be honest: it’s really hard to blog consistently. Some days I can plan out two month’s worth of content in a short time. Some days I look at my editorial calendar and think all of my ideas are crap. Some days are just busier than others. I know I’m not the only one — […]

A 20-minute blogging challenge

No matter how many blog post ideas I come up with, and no matter how excited I am about them when I first add them to my calendar, there are always times when I sit down to write, and absolutely nothing sounds interesting. I have nothing to say, and no good ideas. I felt like […]

5 simple steps to start your blog

Starting a blog these days is pretty intimidating. People talk about the importance of having a brand, a point of view, a great design — it’s enough to make your head spin. No wonder so many of you email me and say you’re still stuck in the beginning stages! Today I’d like to break it […]

Why I deleted almost 500 posts

To prepare for my site redesign, I deleted almost 500 posts from my site. Yes, you read the correctly. I deleted more posts than I kept on my site. (Before you freak out on my behalf, don’t worry — they aren’t gone forever. I copied them over to a private archive.) It wasn’t an easy […]