1. Girl, you’re not alone. I always like have no pictures because I’m too busy working!

  2. I love that you had the guts to say that nothing super share worthy or interesting happened! Bravo! I applaud you! I think we live in a time when people expect glamour all the time and sometimes, the process to getting to glamour is just a bunch of mundane checking off the to do’s. And that is ok! I’m so glad you took a moment to remind us all of that! Meanwhile, congratulations on updating your portfolio! Can’t wait to check it out!

    1. Betsy says

      ditto – I feel like we often put pressure on ourselves to always been doing something fun and feisty. even if we’re just vegging on the couch, we Instagram a posed photo of our dog and the glass of wine and the hot new Essie that we’re using to do our nails and our supercute PJs all the in same frame along with the DVD of, like, Downton Abbey or something. (I am so guilty of this, for the record…) So it’s really refreshing when someone admits that they’ve been running around like a headless chicken :)

      THANK YOU ALSO for being on my blog today!

      1. Betsy says

        *always be doing

        (is Essie still the “in” brand of nailpolish? was it ever?)

        *all in the same frame

        man, I think it needs to be the end of the day…

  3. Yelle says

    I totally love that Jennifer Lawrence admitted to taking a shot before those interviews! She’s so sweet :)

  4. Melissa says

    I agree, my Instagram has been so slow because I’ve been so busy with work like you! Hopefully this week slows down just a bit so we can all breathe. :)

  5. Kait says

    People usually don’t put enough emphasis on taking time to breathe. It’s clearly way too easy to feel pressure to go go go when it’s way more important to take a step back and take care of yourself for a few minutes before “going” anywhere. I hope that you take some time to do that too! All the best

  6. I can’t wait to hunker down and watch Argo… have been dying to see it and last night only made it worse!

  7. I really regret not seeing Argo when it was in theaters! We chose some other forgettable movie (the one time we made it to the movies in the last 6 months) and I’m still kicking myself for it!

  8. Callie says

    I haven’t seen Argo yet but I’m planning on watching this week!

  9. She’s so cute! Probably the only person who could just totally face-plant and not have everyone be super embarrassed for her. Argo was my favorite too! I was totally pulling for it for Best Picture, since it was just a note-perfect movie.

    Congrats on your hard work on your business!

  10. Alice says

    I hate to admit that I haven’t seen any Oscar nominated movies! How bad is that? I plan on watching a few, Argo included, but I should probably put it in my calendar, or I’ll forget, again!

    And Jennifer is just awesome, isn’t she? I think she’s quite funny, and smart.

    I feel like my pics are never blog worthy, or at least most of the time, I really have a hard time being objective with what I do. I over think everything. :/

    Hope you find some time to breathe, with Instagram or not!


  11. LIsa, I have weeks and months where I’m not very Instagram happy too. It’s so funny, so many of the people that take these awesome instagram photos and seem to have the most amazingly interesting and fun lives, then….there’s me. Ha! Well, I can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on lately – that I’m sure is VERY interesting! :)

    xo, Stephanie :)

  12. Allyssa says

    I feel so out of the loop! I don’t even know what Argo’s about and I couldn’t even tell you who’s in it.

  13. jen says

    question: where is your lucite/clear [if i’m even seeing the picture right] letter organizer from?!? i’ve been scouring the interwebs looking for one!

    also, first stop to your blog [via lemon drop love], and i am already a huge fan of your aesthetic! i need to peruse some more, but had to stop and ask the question!



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