websites that make magic.

Creating a website is remarkably easy these days. Creating a website that works for you and truly represents you? That's where the magic happens.

Welcome to Elembee, a web design and development studio dedicated to making magic for online publishers and businesses.


Hi! I'm Lisa M. Butler.

When I first hit publish on this website, it became a catalyst for creating change in my life. In 2012, I hung an "open for business" sign on this site and changed my life forever.

Today, my mission is to help you create change in your life, starting with your website.

Website and blog design

If I had to sum up my web design work in one simple way, it’s this: I want you to be recognized for the amazing work you do. Let's work together to create a website you can be just as proud of as the work you do.


shop themes + plugins

After spending nearly a decade designing and coding custom WordPress sites for top style and lifestyle influencers, Victoria and I co-founded <em>press themes to make features of our custom designs available to anyone who wanted to share their voice.

Check out our shop for beautiful, easily customizable WordPress themes and plugins, for a home on the web as gorgeous as the content you create.