4 tips for consistent blogging

Let’s be honest: it’s really hard to blog consistently. Some days I can plan out two month’s worth of content in a short time. Some days I look at my editorial calendar and think all of my ideas are crap. Some days are just busier than others.

I know I’m not the only one — every blogger will eventually hit a point where blogging consistently feels impossible. Here are a few tips that help me blog consistently.

4 tips for consistent blogging from elembee.com

Follow a schedule

If I don’t have an editorial calendar, I don’t blog. Simple as that. Every time I’ve taken a blog break, I’ve told myself I would write when I felt like it, convinced I’d have a number of posts stored up when I was ready to post again. And each time, I never wrote a thing. Even when I had all of these exciting ideas in my head, without a plan, I never put anything into action.

But when I have an editorial calendar and stick to the same blogging schedule, it’s so much easier to keep up with. It always takes a few weeks to get into a groove, but as long as I make it non-negotiable and stick to my schedule, it gets done. I don’t always follow my editorial calendar, but as long as I have ideas planned out on a calendar, I always have a starting point — which is so much easier than staring at a blank page.

Write more when you’re inspired

I can’t write only when I’m inspired — inspiration doesn’t happen on a schedule (though it seems to appear more often when I’m on one!). But when I am feeling more inspired, I tend to create faster — so I try to use the extra time to create even more. Sometimes I’ll write full posts; other times I’ll outline as much as possible or use the extra inspiration to brainstorm more ideas. Sometimes I’ll get ahead on my editorial calendar; other times I’ll just save the posts in Evernote so I have one less post to work on when I’m not feeling inspired.

Turn it into a game

Staying consistent is relatively easy when you’re feeling inspired — but what if you’re absolutely not? That’s when I turn blogging into a game! Turn it into a fun challenge instead of something you don’t feel like doing. Set a timer and see if you can finish a post before the alarm. Pick a random idea from this guide or this list and go with it. Stop worrying about writing the perfect post and just write whatever comes to mind. You can polish it later.

Publish anyway

I’d say most of the time, my problem with publishing consistently is those times when I look at my work and think everything is crap. And usually, the work is just fine — it’s my attitude that’s the problem. Sometimes you just have to hit the publish button anyway. Take a step back and try to view your work objectively. Can at least one person still benefit from what you have to say? Then go for it!

What do you struggle with when it comes to blogging consistently? How do you make it happen?

P.S. The ultimate guide to blog post ideas.


  1. Elizabeth wrote:

    I’ve only been back at blogging for a few months, and I’m having trouble with a schedule. But I’m having trouble scheduling my entire life since I recently retired very young on a disability. I have a couple of memes I do that keep me on schedule, and if I can’t think of other posts during the time I have set aside for blogging on a certain day I’ll work ahead on those. Since I’m a book blogger, that keeps me on a schedule because we have to post within a certain time frame of the book’s publication date, usually within a month. So if I am reviewing 2 or 3 books a month there’s some posts right there.
    I also have a list of ideas for discussions that I keep and sometimes I just open a new post and start ranting, save it as a draft and go back to it at a later time to re-read and make pretty..

    Posted 5.4.15
    • That’s a great point on rants — I find that if I feel like ranting about something, then I can write A LOT on the subject. And it’s definitely a good idea to save and edit later!

      Posted 5.5.15
  2. Juliet wrote:

    Thank you for such a great post! I saw this on my Pinterest today and just had to read it. I’m new to blogging and I’m currently trying to learn as much as I can from the very beginning. I really love your idea about turning blogging into a game. Right now I’m playing a “game” with my blog and seeing how long I can keep posting one blog post a day. However, things might get crazy once I start school! Have a great day and thanks for such a great post!

    Posted 7.31.15
    • Yes, I love playing games with my blog! It helps me get out of the “have-to” mindset and into the “want-to.”

      Posted 8.21.15
  3. Marina wrote:

    I love the idea of turning it into a game. This past week due to some family stuff I did not have the energy nor the emotional motivation to write but I think if I had made it a game I could’ve churned out something. Great post! P.S. I love the design and especially the color scheme of your site =)

    Posted 8.1.15
  4. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately…and my new game plan is to give myself a challenge of starting off my day with an hour of writing before I check email or social media or any million other things I tend to turn to when procrastinating. Because I have a goal to do a re-launch of my eBook this fall, and if I want to do it well and if I want to avoid burnout, there’s a lot of writing ahead of me. And I think if I tackle even just an hour a day starting now, I’ll reach my goal with way less angst and stress than normal. Because I actually love writing. And I just need to re-frame how I think about it. Great newsletter and post, Lisa!

    Posted 8.2.15
    • Thanks Lauren! I used to be really good about starting my day with writing, even for just half an hour. Then I got off track. Need to get back on it again! It really helps.

      Posted 8.21.15
  5. Sheila wrote:

    I seriously love this post! Thank you so much. I also want to emphasize how beautiful the layout of your blog is. I love it. I did want to ask you how do you get the “click to tweet” button on your post?

    Posted 8.19.15
  6. Rose wrote:

    These are some really great tips! I am bookmarking them for later. Thank you so much!

    Posted 11.5.15
  7. DP wrote:

    I do struggle with my blogging activities on a daily basis. I really needed a post like this to make my brain clear on what I could do to organise myself better for organising my blogging activities. Thanks a ton for this brilliant article.

    Posted 4.3.16
  8. Erika wrote:

    I just started, so of course I have no traffic. I know this is normal, but it makes the self doubting start and so I have a hard time not thinking everything I do is crap. Thanks for the great post. I think it will really help.

    Posted 6.22.16
  9. Aslam wrote:

    This something that I am practicing on a daily basis. One way I found out what my readers what to learn? Is to simply asking them what they want to learn? I make a quick survey with “Google Forms” on subjects closely related to the niche I am in and send an email to my subscribers. Within a short while, I’ll get a response and can base my content around that.

    Posted 12.9.16

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