9 organizational apps for bloggers // Elembee.com

I’ve mentioned a number of organizational apps for bloggers throughout Blogkeeping, Tools of the Trade, and other posts here, but since we’ve been talking about getting organized and saving time this month, I thought it would be helpful to share them all in one place, talk specifically how I use them in blogging, and discuss what apps keep you organized and sane! Here are some of my favorites:

1. WordPress Editorial Calendar Plugin

Though not specifically an app, the WP Editorial Calendar Plugin is hands down my most-used tool for staying organized. I store post ideas as drafts, then when it comes to planning my editorial calendar, it’s just a matter of dragging the drafts into the calendar. I also use it to quickly find old posts and see what I’ve talked about recently.

2. WordPress iPhone + iPad apps

I mostly use the WP iPhone + iPad apps to check and reply to comments, view stats, and make sure my post published when it was supposed to, but it’s also helpful for jotting down those post ideas that always seem to come late at night before I go to bed, or for brainstorming when I’m waiting in line somewhere.

3. Evernote

Evernote is such a powerful note-taking app, I couldn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the ways you can use it for your blog. I use the Web Clipper to save useful articles for future reference, and take notes or brainstorm ideas on the go.

4. Buffer

Buffer is the app I use daily for scheduling tweets — it really simplifies the process. You just add tweets, and Buffer will send them out in order according to your schedule — no extra step of setting the time for your tweet to go out. Sync with Tweriod to find your best times to post, and it will update your Buffer scheduling. I like to adjust the schedule by about 30 minutes every so often so it isn’t sending out tweets at the exact same time all the time.

5. Hootsuite

I use Hootsuite for scheduling tweets and Facebook posts when I’m going on vacation, since I don’t subscribe to the premium Buffer plan. I also use it to keep up with Twitter chats, so I can see columns for the username hosting the chat, the hashtag for the chat, and my replies in three separate columns on one screen. Hootsuite has a lot of features for managing your social media, and I’m sure I don’t use it to its fullest extent.

6. Pocket

Pocket is an app for saving links to read later. I sync my Pocket account with Feedly and pocket any posts I may want to pin or share later, save for reference, or don’t have the time to read when I first come across them. It’s kind of like a mini-reader for things you want a second look at — you can favorite it if you want to save it for longer, or mark as read when you’re done to get rid of the clutter.

7. Pinterest

Pinterest secret boards are another great way to save links for later without sharing them with the world. Though I haven’t been using Pinterest as much lately, I have secret boards for images I love but still need to be properly sourced, blog post ideas and other posts I might want to share, and I even used to store product links and images for roundups.

8. Todoist

I’ve already dedicated a post to how I use Todoist for my business, but I also use it a lot for my blog as well. I have a separate project to keep up with blog related tasks and ideas as they come up, and I also schedule weekly recurring tasks to remind bloggers of deadlines for guest posts.

9. MacMail

One thing I love about MacMail is the ability to create as many signatures as you want. I have signatures set up for guest post reminders, so all I have to do is select the signature and fill in the correct information. You can use canned responses in Gmail to do the same.

What are your favorite organizational apps for blogging?