Hello! I’m Lisa M. Butler (get it? My initials are El. Em. Bee!), and I code websites on WordPress.

I created my website in September 2010 as a digital playground to learn WordPress. But something interesting happened along the way. I discovered that the more work I put into my website, the more my life improved in other areas. When I shared outfit inspiration on my blog, I found clothes I really loved and felt more confident in my personal style.

And when I felt unsatisfied with my day job? I put out my “open for business” sign on my website and changed my life forever.

Today, my website exists to help you make change happen in your life starting with your website.

You don’t have to add “web developer” to your job title to take control over your website.

Leave the Googling and experimenting with websites to me — it’s literally part of my job description (in fact, it’s my favorite part!).

I’ve built more than 100 websites on WordPress and spend my days knee-deep in CSS, HTML, and PHP turning beautiful designs into functional websites. I help my clients take their websites to the next level and teach them how to take control of their online presence. Through my blog, weekly emails, and club, I share that same advice with online creative entrepreneurs and publishers just like you.

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  • Fall cleaning with a touch of Halloween
  • TGIF dobbygram
  • The greatest fall pairing Chrome and Corgi
  • Bright blooms for a dreary day Thank you so muchhellip
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Hey, you’re still here?

If you’re curious to know more about me outside of my biz, here are a few fun facts for you:

I currently live in Tulsa, Oklahoma…

But there will always be a special place in my heart for my native Tex-Mex. Bring on the queso!

… with my boyfriend, and we podcast about it.

Yup, we work, live, and sleep together. It’s crazy, but we wouldn’t have it any other way! Listen to our adventures at Company Ink.

I am not a morning person.

I hit the snooze button at least three times a day. You probably don’t want to talk to me before 10am.

I have a dog named Dobby.

Yes, like the house elf in Harry Potter. Except she’s a girl. She’s the cutie you probably see in a majority of the Instagram photos above. (I can’t help myself — that much cuteness deserves to be documented.)

I love airports. (Seriously.)

I love the idea that a new destination is just a gate away. My bags are always packed, and I travel whenever I can. If I’m not posting dog photos to my Instagram, I’m sharing my travels. Otherwise I pretty much ignore Instagram. (I’m a huge fan of Twitter, though!)

I’m a bookworm.

Thrillers, mystery, historical fiction, young adult — I don’t really discriminate. Recommendations welcome!

I’m a band nerd.

Once a band nerd, always a band nerd. I play flute in a community band. I’d still play piano if I had one in my house.

In another life, I’d go to Hogwarts.

And I actually did, for my 30th birthday. 10 points for Hufflepuff!


Still want more?

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