Kate Powers

So you have myblogisawesome.com, but facebook.com/myblogisawesome and @myblogisawesome are taken? No worries just yet, you may still be able to claim them, if the people claiming the accounts aren’t using them. (It is possible to claim accounts that are active, but you must have a trademark for your case to be considered.)

From my research, Facebook and Twitter are more likely to grant you the inactive username if you own the matching domain name, and even more so if you own the trademark. You’re probably out of luck if you want it for personal reasons, but your blog does count as a business.


For Facebook, you’ll want to fill out this form. When I submitted my request, Facebook emailed me in about 5 business days to let me know the username had been deactivated and was available for my use. From there, I logged into my page, went to edit page, update info, and change username. It told me the username was not available, but I replied to the email from Facebook, and they were able to transfer my username for me. So now you can find me on Facebook at facebook.com/elembee!


Twitter is a little more tricky. You’ll need to fill out an impersonation report. Treat your blog as a company — Twitter does not release inactive accounts for personal use. Select that your company is being impersonated, and you would like to report an issue not involving trademark (or fill out the trademark form if you do own the trademark). From there, you’ll fill in your information and explain that the account in question is inactive, you own the domain, and you would like the username transferred to your account. You MUST enter an email address from that domain name, or they will immediately dismiss your ticket.

From my research, there’s really no way of telling whether or not it will work. A lot of people have had success, and some just get canned responses. I submitted a report 2 weeks ago and still haven’t heard back, so we’ll see.

Good luck securing the usernames you want, and I’d love to hear if these tips worked for you!

Update 7/31/12

Finally heard back from Twitter after almost a month (I submitted a second report a couple weeks ago). Unfortunately they won’t transfer @elembee to my account, stating that the account is still active, and not all signs of activity are publicly available. What is publicly available shows me that @elembee has not had any new tweets, follows, or followers in several months, so I’m not sure what is deemed “activity” by Twitter. Now my alternatives are to try to contact @elembee myself (which I have done to no response) or settle for adding an underscore. This method has worked for many others and will hopefully work for you, so it’s still worth a try, it just unfortunately did not work in my case.