Blogkeeping // When you’re too busy to post

Blogkeeping // When you're too busy to post //

If you read this blog beyond the Blogkeeping posts, you may have noticed that I haven’t been posting as much lately. As I’ve mentioned, I recently had to replace my computer, and between fighting the old one and setting up the new one, I just haven’t been able to catch up on client work and keep up with regular blogging. Life happens, blah, blah. Which brings me to today’s topic: what do you do when you’re too busy to post?

Evaluate your priorities

I think this is one of the most important reasons why you need to set priorities and evaluate them often. There are so many reasons to feel guilty about not posting — maybe you promised yourself you would post a certain number of days each week, or  maybe you feel your readers expect it, the list goes on. Take a few minutes, and think about what you really want to get out of blogging. Will skipping a post hinder your progress toward your goals? For some people, that answer is yes. But for most, it probably won’t.

Keeping your priorities in mind will help you either push through and make blogging happen, even if you have to sacrifice something else, or take a break, and do whatever else you need to do instead without the guilt weighing on your mind. Honestly, I don’t think we’re ever too busy to do something, it’s just that something else has a higher priority. You just have to determine if the higher priority is blogging, or whatever else you need to be doing instead, and focus on that.

Recognize when something isn’t working

One of the lessons that really stood out to me at Alt was the idea that there’s probably a bigger reason behind those things you keep moving to tomorrow’s to-do list. If you’re constantly having trouble keeping to a blogging schedule, it’s time to take a step back. Maybe you need to take a break to get inspired again, or maybe you simply need to cut back on how often you post. You’ll save yourself a lot of time later if you take the time now to figure out what exactly isn’t working for you, because then you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

Jump back in

I think the longer you go without posting, the harder it is to get started again. You start to overanalyze things and feel like you need to provide an explanation for your absence, so you keep avoiding it altogether, and it becomes a never-ending cycle. Explanations are nice (let’s be honest, we’re all nosy), but you don’t have to give one, and it will start to get old if it becomes a regular thing anyway. Just do what you need to do to start posting again, and readers will soon forget that you left to begin with. After all, everyone needs to take a break sometimes, and we all understand that.

What do you do when you’re too busy to post?

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  1. Megan wrote:

    Sometimes I have to go a few days without posting because my day job takes up a good bit of my time. I used to start posts with some sort of apology when I jumped back in, but I find those kind of annoying as a blog reader, so I stopped trying to give an excuse and just started jumping back in with good content! And if you know you’re taking a few days off, it’s good to create a blog post or Facebook update letting readers know you’ll be away, or give a date when you’re coming back. It gives some accountability and helps you get motivated to jump back into the game!

    Posted 4.24.13
  2. Survey completed! I really enjoy your blogkeeping posts. They have really become a go to source as I work on re-launching a new blog on 6.1.13. Hope the survey results indicate that you need to come to NYC for a workshop. 🙂

    Posted 4.24.13
  3. Allyssa wrote:

    Great advice! Lately I’ve been too busy to post more regularly. I need tom come up with some sort of schedule. Or better yet, take your advice and blog in the morning instead of putting it off until night when I’m too tired to do anything!

    Posted 4.24.13
  4. Elaine K. wrote:

    This post really resonated with me; especially the observation that everyone understands we all need a break sometime. That’s a much healthier perspective than the constant guilt trip!

    Posted 4.24.13
  5. NEW YORK NEW YORK NEW YORK NEW YORK. I’m taking you to Shake Shack whoooooo!

    Posted 4.24.13
  6. Andi wrote:

    I too used to post an apology if I had a lapse in posting, but now I just jump back in. I figure that most people are like me and read so many blogs that you may not even notice if one has a short gap in posts.

    Posted 4.24.13
  7. Joelle wrote:

    Blog breaks are definitely necessary if you want to keep from getting burnt out. I probably feel this way at least once a month, but I really push myself to keep going. I find though that when I do take a break, all I can think about is what I want to blog. Sometimes all you need is to take a step back 🙂

    Posted 4.24.13
  8. I just took the survey and am hoping you are offering up courses! I will be the first to sign up. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: I think this blog column is superb. I’d be ecstatic to see you do even more with it.

    Posted 4.24.13
  9. Kathryn wrote:

    This was so helpful, and so timely! I try very hard to stay current and consistent, but this week was time to focus on a few other people and things that are more important in the long run… Thank you for re-inspiring me and giving me permission to not feel guilty! xo

    Posted 4.24.13
  10. Ashley wrote:

    I definitely needed to read this a week ago, before my birthday! Oh well.. I got back on the horse ASAP 🙂

    xo Ashley

    Posted 4.24.13
  11. Amanda wrote:

    I’m struggling with this right now! I took a blogging break while we went to Germany last week and this past week I just felt too overwhelmed to jump back in. Like you said, other things are just more important sometimes! I’m thinking I will cut back how many posts I do each week, hopefully that will help get some inspiration back!.

    Posted 4.25.13
  12. Kristian wrote:

    I think it depends on when and why you are taking a break. Miss a day? Not a big deal, and, as others have said, apologizing and/or mentioning it seems annoying and unprofessional after a while. When it is a bit longer- say, a week or so, saying something might be more appropriate, especially if you have the ability to say something before you are on hiatus. In cases like these too, sometimes it is personal and you might not want to share the reasons, but quite often the longer leave of absence might be for something exciting that you will later want to share about, so letting your readers know ahead of time that you will be gone and why can give them a preview of what to look forward to (for example, you will come back and share vacation photos or a new baby will have baby photos etc.)

    Posted 4.27.13
  13. Everyone has priorities and though I don’t follow the regular rule of having a blogging schedule, I do have time periods I try to meet for all of my blogs; I have 5 by the way.

    However, the best thing I probably do is write some posts in advance and then schedule them. Most posts are evergreen if you will, which means I don’t have to worry about the timeliness of them. If something happens that I think is time critical, I can write it and either push other articles back or add it as an extra post within my time period. Works well and can help to take the pressure off.

    Posted 4.29.13

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