How to change fonts and colors in WordPress with CSS

One of the things people ask me about the most is how to change fonts and colors in WordPress. There are a variety of plugins out there for customization, and many themes have customization options built in. But changing fonts and colors is one of the most basic CSS skills, and one that every website owner should have in their toolbox.

How to change fonts and colors in WordPress with CSS tutorial video

When you know how to code these customizations yourself, you aren’t tied to a particular plugin or theme. In this video, I’ll give you a basic overview of CSS, how to use it, and basic styling you can use on your own WordPress site to change your fonts and colors.

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets, and it’s what gives your website style. It’s a coding language that tells web browsers what the different elements of your website are supposed to look like. One of the required elements for any WordPress theme is a style.css file, which is the main stylesheet. This is where you can find the styling for your website.

If you’re only making a few changes to your site, for example, to change fonts and colors, I recommend installing the Jetpack plugin and activating the Custom CSS module. This allows you to safely edit the styling for your website without overwriting your theme or using a separate program.

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