Do you really need to learn more?

As I’ve been working on my ecourse, I found myself looking through other ecourses on creating ecourses, building signature programs, launching programs, etc. I couldn’t shake the feeling that I needed a little extra guidance.

I was reading through a sales page for one of those programs for probably the fifth time when I realized how much time I was wasting weighing the pros and cons of programs I probably didn’t need.

Do you really need to learn more? from

It’s not that I don’t think education has value — I wouldn’t do half of what I do if I believed that. In fact, the reason my ecourse exists is because I took another ecourse on launching that helped me put a plan in place. I believe that putting money into your goals makes it real and gives you an extra push to make it happen. I believe the structure of an ecourse can help you make things happen when you might otherwise keep pushing them off because you aren’t sure where to start. And many ecourses have communities that have given me the support and answers I need to keep moving forward.

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But the truth is, at some point you have to stop learning and start doing. If you’re already doing the work, stopping to learn more is only going to take time away from continuing to do the work. For me, that feeling that I needed a little extra guidance was really just fear that what I’m doing isn’t good enough.

For anything you do, there’s a cycle: Learn how to do it, actually do it, learn to get better at it, actually get better at it, and so on. Learn, do, learn, do. The key is to know where you are in the cycle. Is it time for you to learn, or time for you to do? Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you hit that purchase button:

What’s currently holding me back?

That goal of yours — what’s the real reason you’re not there yet? Write down what exactly needs to be done to get to your goal. Then write what you need to do to make each step happen. Is there something that you don’t know how to do? Or do you just need to make time in your schedule to do it?

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What could this learning experience provide?

Now write down what you think the program you are considering purchasing will do for you. Does it line up with your needs for finishing your own goal? Will it teach you what you need to know to get it done? Will it provide the motivation and support you need?

Can I get the same benefits elsewhere?

Now write down other available solutions for moving forward with your goals. Chances are good that the program you’re considering is not your only option. For example, if you need motivation, you can probably find an accountability partner who’s going through something similar. But you do have to weigh your options. Sometimes putting money into something makes you more motivated to see it through, and ecourses can be worth the purchase for that reason alone. Compare your options, and be realistic with yourself. Ultimately you know what you need to get things done.

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