You don’t have to yell

The internet has always been noisy, but lately I feel like everyone is yelling to be heard.

“I made 5 figures on my first launch with only 100 people on my list!”

“I made 6 figures my first 3 months in business!”

“I work 3 hours a week and I’m a millionaire!”

“Pay me your life savings and first-born child and I’ll teach you how to do it too!”

(Maybe I follow too many online entrepreneurs.)

I just want to remind you (and myself) that it’s ok if you don’t want to yell. It’s ok if you just want to share what you do, and maybe earn a little less but still stay true to yourself.

I also want to tell you that I’ve been in business full-time for more than 2 years, and I haven’t made 6 figures. I’ve had months where I wasn’t sure I’d be able to pay the bills. I’ve had months where I couldn’t remember the last time I took a break.

I’m not alone. I’m in the majority. But you only hear the ones who are yelling. And no one yells about giving up shopping for a year to build a business.

I can’t tell you how to make 6 figures, but I can tell you that it’s possible to earn a living doing what you love. I can tell you that you won’t love what you’re doing all the time — but the time you do will far outweigh the times you don’t. I can tell you that 12 hour days are long, hard, and lonely, but I can also tell you that hard work does pay off if you have faith.

Just a little dose of reality to balance out the noisy fantasies out there.


  1. Gratiana wrote:

    Hey, you’re right. No need to shout. It should pursue their goals idzielić it with others. If you scream, you’re burned out, and when no effects discouraged.
    You have a great site, I admire you for what you do. I love what you write and your ideas. I wish you lots of luck and a lot of ideas. I read with joy what you write.
    Sorry for my English.

    Posted 2.16.15
    • Thank you so much for stopping by! I’m happy to hear you enjoy my work, let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see!

      Posted 2.16.15
  2. Gratiana wrote:

    Please tell me, why do you think people will be happy to comment on posts on facebook, and the page does not? Can not share posts on fb?
    Thank You ♥

    Posted 2.17.15
  3. Bethany wrote:

    Thank you thank you thank you. Creative entrepreneurs these days are drowning us with “look how much money I made, here’s how you can do it too” posts. I feel like it’s really effecting a lot of people, as clients and friends and people I follow quit their business within the first year or two because they didn’t make loads of money. We forget that it’s perfectly normal to not make a ton of money (especially in the first few years) and we’re constantly stressing and comparing ourselves and working our butts off trying to be like these people. It’s damaging! I want more posts like this that remind us that in order to do what we love and live the life we want, it will take some sacrificing and lots of hard work and even still it’s likely we won’t make six figures.

    Posted 3.19.15

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