Getting comfortable in the unknown

It’s time for another Link Up at <em>press themes, and this month’s prompt is: What are your goals over the next few months? I thought it would be the perfect time to discuss a goal-of-sorts, something that’s been on my mind lately: getting comfortable in the unknown.

If there’s anything that I’ve learned in my six years in business, it’s that there will always be ups and downs. There will be times when you feel totally unstoppable, like you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, and times when you feel crushing self-doubt and question everything you do. There will be times when the next stop on your journey is plotted out and you are staying on course, and then there will be times when you feel adrift at sea.

I used to think that the ultimate goal was to find stability, so you can feel unstoppable all the time, or at least feel good about what you’re doing. But I’ve learned that that’s just not realistic. And that’s totally okay! Nothing in life worth doing is meant to be easy all the time, and we learn our best lessons in the down times and come back stronger.

I was recently reminded of a guest post I wrote three years ago, for a blog interview series about facing your fears. In it, I wrote that I’m afraid I’ll never be satisfied. I wrote that three years into my business, and now, exactly three years later, I feel the same. I still worry that I will have to constantly reinvent myself to keep up, whether that’s out of my own dissatisfaction and a desire to try something new, or out of necessity to maintain a thriving business. I still worry I’m laying the foundation now for something I’ll want or need to tear down in three years.

But you know what? I actually take comfort in that. I take comfort in knowing that I’ve dealt with the unknown before and came out just fine on the other side, and in many cases, even stronger and better than before. And I think that’s really the key in getting comfortable in the unknown: Having faith in yourself that you can work it out. Having faith that you can figure out the answers when it’s time.

And so the goal is less about getting comfortable in the unknown, and more about having faith in yourself.

Alright, all of that said, I can’t resist throwing a tangible goal out there for accountability: I’m working on a new podcast idea. I want to explore this idea of creating a business/career that is sustainable and keeps you happy in the long run. I don’t have a name yet, I don’t have a launch date, right now I’m just building a list of people I want to talk to and topics I want to explore. Hit me up if you have suggestions for topics or interviewees, or even podcast names! I’m looking forward to following my curiosity and seeing where it leads me.

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