How I organize tasks and projects for my business

I don’t know about you, but midway through the year, I always seem to get the itch to reorganize everything! I guess I’m more of a summer cleaner than a spring cleaner. June always seems to sneak up on me, and then I find myself wondering where the first half of the year went. Maybe that’s why I feel a sudden push to get everything organized and take advantage of the remaining six months in the year.

With that, I always start to question the apps I’m using and if my business systems are effective enough. But after three years in business, I’ve come to realize that it’s really just shiny object syndrome — is that new, shiny app over there better? I’ve wasted enough time playing with new apps now to know that I always ultimately go back to my tried-and-true favorites. So these days, I’m pretty good about asking myself how I can improve what I’m already doing instead of trying to reinvent the wheel. Here’s a peek at the four main apps that keep my business organized, and how I use them to organize tasks and projects.

How I organize tasks and projects for my business from


I’ve tried nearly every task management system out there, and I always come running back to Todoist. For my current setup, I’ve created projects for every client, internal project, and area of my business. Each project in Todoist has a colored dot next to it, and I use this to color code my tasks. Client projects are one color, internal projects (like ebooks) are another color, and admin and support get their own projects with their own colors.

Every task I add in Todoist gets a due date, whether it needs one or not, so that it shows up in the calendar views. Initially, all tasks get a due date of the Monday of the week I plan to complete the task. Then, each Monday I use the 7 day view to distribute tasks throughout the week. Because each task is color coded according to its project, I can easily move tasks to the appropriate days (for example, I typically do most of my admin and internal project tasks on Mondays).


While I could share projects with clients through Todoist, I like that Trello is a bit more visual and made with collaboration in mind. So while each client has a project on my personal Todoist so I can keep track of my own tasks within my bigger task list, we also share a Trello board for communication and uploading files.

I used to handle all of my client communication through email, but after my 20th time searching through email chains of 40+ emails to find that one short email with the login information I needed, I had enough. With Trello, I keep all communication organized by list for the client, for me, for reference, and marked as complete. Each part of the design process has its own card, and I create additional cards for anything else I need from the client so I can always find the information quickly at a later point in time. I also organize internal projects through Trello, just so I can link files, resources, and see everything that needs to be done in one place.


Evernote is basically the dumping ground for my brain. It’s where I keep my thoughts and plans before I’m ready to take action. It’s my journal of sorts, but much more organized. I have notebooks for brainstorming, drafts, random thoughts and ideas, and bookmarks from around the web. It’s really the place where I think through things in writing.

For me, the key to Evernote is create a lot of notebooks and get specific. For example, instead of having one notebook for notes from ecourses I take, I create a new notebook for each ecourse, even if that notebook only has one or two notes in it. That way, when I want to find that one specific thing from that ecourse I took last fall, I’m not looking through notes from five other ecourses.

Google Drive

If Evernote is where I keep my rough drafts, Google Drive is where I keep the final copies. It’s where I keep documents I need to refer back to often or share. Personally, I don’t like the mobile apps for Google Drive and Docs, so that’s another reason my thoughts and ideas go into Evernote instead — the app is much easier to use on the go.

Where Google does excel is formatting and sharing. I also like that it integrates directly with other services, including Trello.

Are you a spring cleaner or a summer cleaner? How do you keep your tasks and projects organized? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Danielle wrote:

    I’m the same way with wanting to reorganize things about half way through the year! So this is very timely. I got lazy with using todoist but I think it’s time I get back to it. Somehow through the year I reverted to using paper lists and Google Calendar reminders. Not the most efficient. Another tool I like is to track the time I spend on projects so I can better estimate. I’m very bad at that otherwise!

    Posted 5.28.15
    • I know plenty of people who rock the paper lists, I’m just not one of them. I need things to actually disappear when I’ve completed them and rearrange things as I go through my day, and you can really only do that effectively with digital tools.

      I love Toggl! It’s made a huge difference in my time estimations.

      Posted 6.22.15
  2. Jennifer wrote:

    I use Asana as my main hub, linking in documents as needed from Dropbox and Google Docs. It handles collaboration just as easily as it handles organization of lots of information.

    Posted 5.28.15
    • I know a lot of people love Asana! I couldn’t really wrap my mind around it. Maybe someone will write a post and it will click for me then.

      Posted 6.22.15
  3. Rachel wrote:

    Trello rocks! The CEO of the company I work at actually invented Trello 😉

    Posted 5.28.15
    • That’s awesome! They’re a fun company.

      Posted 6.22.15
  4. I am the same, I feel the need to reorganise at the middle of the year! My business just turned 3 and reviewing my business, while I have a lot of achievements, I want to achieve even more.

    I use Evernote a lot but occasionally it doesn’t respond when I try to add an article so I’d be forced to add articles manually. Does that happen to you too?

    I have dabbled Trello but havent got into it fully yet.

    Checking out Todoist it sounds like a good system for me but that is if I can let go of paper and pen!

    Katrina Sophia

    Posted 5.28.15
    • If you like paper and pen, rock it! I just can’t — I need something digital that allows me to move things around easily.

      Are you referring to the web clipper? I’ve only had a couple of problems with it, but it usually resolves itself. I think when it has happened I’ve just clicked the button again to reload it and tried switching the clip type.

      Posted 6.22.15
  5. Laura wrote:

    I’m just rediscovering Evernote and really trying to use it for everything I do, also I love Todoist!

    Posted 5.28.15
  6. Alice wrote:

    I use Google Drive and Evernote, this one is perfect for notes. I’ve heard about Trello but never used and Todoist, this is the first time I found it. I think I’ll stick with Drive and Evernote.

    Posted 6.2.15
  7. Beth wrote:

    I always find I use apps for all of five minutes…then drift away after the novelty wears off. What works best for me is pen, post-it notes, planner + a big white wall 🙂 (also means I can walk away from it at the end of the day!)

    Trello for client collaborations, though? YES!

    Posted 7.16.15
  8. Rose wrote:

    Once I discovered Todoist it was OVER – within months I got the paid version. I use that along with Google Calendar to keep myself organized. I like how you use Todoist and spread it out in the week. I use Todoist as a dumping ground for every little thing that pops in my mind and a couple times a week I organize it to keep it pretty. I have been using Trello off and on and if I ever do end up with clients I think your idea of using it with them is really smart. They can add and upload things to it even when I’m not available. I like that! Thank you for sharing your tips!

    Posted 11.5.15

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