Just My Type // Free Script + Handwritten Fonts

Just My Type // Free script + handwritten fonts

There are so many high-quality free fonts out there, but one area I’ve found to be lacking is script/handwritten fonts. So many of them are too messy, childish, or just not well thought-out. Here are a few I do enjoy:

ONE // Mathilde
TWO // Lavanderia*
THREE // Callie Hand (free for personal use, trial version only)
FOUR // Mission Script*
FIVE // Satisfy
SIX // Parisienne

I prefer to use script/handwritten fonts sparingly, as an accent. They can be difficult to read in large bodies of text but are perfect for drawing attention. What are your favorite script/handwritten fonts?

* These fonts are from the Lost Type Co-op, which is a name-your-price font site. You can enter 0 for your amount to download free, but read the terms of use carefully, and keep in mind that 100% of what you pay goes directly to the person who created it.

P.S. This color palette came from Color Collective, one of my favorite resources for color inspiration.

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