A new look!


I’m so excited to share something that’s been in the works for a while — a new design for my site! As far as the aesthetics go, the changes aren’t too drastic — just a couple of font updates, in the same families, but fonts that I felt were a bit more polished and represent my brand better. I guess after a few years of constant redesigns, I’ve finally settled into something that will be around for the long haul!

The big changes here are really to the overall layout and structure of the site. My old design was fine, but it was really starting to feel too cluttered for me with everything boxed in. My main goal was to simplify. The portfolio in particular was a place I really wanted to simplify — while I liked the design, it was too much work to actually update it (in fact, I hadn’t updated it in a year — how embarrassing!). Now it’s just a matter of uploading a screenshot, writing a few notes, and adding a link.

Another thing I really wanted to do was rethink the design of my blog. With my last design, my blog was still heavily focused on graphics and images, and I wanted those to be front and center. Now my blog is more about the writing — the graphics are really just there for people who want to pin blog posts. So now you can read a short excerpt before clicking over to the full post. Related posts are now at the bottom of each post as well with excerpts. Also, the site is now responsive, so you can read easy on your mobile devices.

Finally, I’m pretty excited about the signup page for my email list — now it’s easy to share with friends! You’ll also have access to the archive of previous emails once you sign up, so you can catch up on the ones you missed.

I hope this look behind my new design helps you think about how you can improve your own website! And if you’re reading in a feed reader, be sure to click over and browse the new design!

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