A list of my favorite resources, updated regularly. Looking for something specific? Search below!
This page contains affiliate links, denoted with an asterisk*. This means I may receive commission from your click or purchase. Read my disclosure and affiliate policy here.

  • Domains + Hosting


      Managed WordPress hosting. They host nearly all of my sites and are my top recommendation for web hosting for WordPress. Super responsive and friendly support team, automatic backups and major updates, unbeatable security. They’ll even migrate your site for free.

    • GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting

      Managed WordPress hosting for smaller budgets. I do not recommend their shared hosting but have found their managed WordPress hosting to be reliable. A great option for more secure hosting if you don’t need support for your site (their support team can be hit or miss).


      Where I buy all of my domain names. User-friendly, reliable, and great prices.

  • Plugins

    • My guide to plugins

      While this page links to several WordPress plugins, you can download my full guide to my favorite plugins above.

  • Development


      The starter theme I based my own custom theme development work on.

    • Can I Use

      This tool will help you check browser support for code before using it in your project.

    • CSS3 Generator

      This tool generates rules for CSS3 properties with browser prefixes. But what I particularly appreciate about it is that you can preview the rules before implementing them, so you can really get a good idea of how things work and how they will look. Especially useful for transitions and transforms that are harder to visualize.

    • A complete guide to flexbox

      Flexbox is a very powerful layout method but has lots of properties. This article from CSS Tricks explains everything thoroughly, with a terminology section for easy reference.

  • jQuery

    • SlickNav

      User-friendly mobile menus. In use on this site.

    • Superfish

      Enhanced submenu functionality. I use it with HoverIntent to keep submenus accessible for a few seconds past mouse-out. Both in use on this site.

    • Unslider

      My favorite slider. In use on my blog home page.

    • Slick Carousel

      My favorite carousel. Works as a slider as well, but I tend to use it for carousels where multiple slides are in view. I also love the slider syncing function, where you can use one slider to control another (i.e. to show a carousel of thumbnail previews with a full size image above).

    • Masonry

      Create Pinterest-style grid layouts.

    • Filtrify

      Advanced filtering system.

    • MixItUp

      Another filtering system. I use this for more simple filtering and Filtrify for more advanced filtering, but MixItUp has been updated to accommodate cross filtering. I haven’t tried that option yet!

    • Isotope

      Another filtering system, for use with Masonry layouts.

    • Typed.js

      Animated typing. In use on my home page.

    • Quicksearch

      In-page search with live results. In use on this page.

    • List.js

      Sort, filter, and live search data.

  • E-commerce


      The WordPress plugin I use to run my shop on my website. More setup than Gumroad, but with a bit of coding know-how you can have full control over the look and feel of your shop and host it yourself.


      The easiest way to start selling digital products. Well-designed and very user-friendly, you can literally set up shop in minutes.


      The WordPress plugin I recommend for more robust ecommerce needs, particularly for physical products.

    • MemberPress

      The plugin I use to run my membership site. Very user-friendly for both recurring membership payments and ecourses. Straightforward to set up and protect/sell your content.

  • Fonts


      My favorite free fonts for easy web use.


      A little more complicated to use on the web, but a great collection of free fonts.


      A great library of premium fonts for your website. Comes with the Creative Cloud subscription!


      Where I buy most of my premium fonts.

  • Stock


      My favorite resource for free stock photography.


      One of my favorite sources for stock photography.


      Icons for anything you can dream of.

    • Creative Market

      Pretty much any kind of stock you could need for your business — photography, illustration, templates, even fonts and WordPress themes. Check weekly for freebies!


  • Marketing


      The email marketing system I personally use and love. Its automation features are easy to use and really can’t be beat.


      The email marketing system I used for years, and what I recommend if you want beautifully designed email campaigns. They have gorgeous templates with a very flexible and easy-to-use system.


      The email marketing system I recommend for those just starting out. Free for up to 2000 subscribers, with well-designed and user-friendly templates.


      Build any kind of marketing page you need with a drag-and-drop interface. I love the set-it-and-forget-it sales funnel functionality!


      If you want to grow your email list, you need this WordPress plugin. You can create any kind of opt-in form imaginable, beyond just popups, and design it exactly as you want without touching code.

  • Blogging + Social Media


      How I manage my editorial calendar and schedule social media. I love that I can change the date of my blog posts, and the associated social media dates will automatically update as well. I also use CoSchedule to plan out my email content, and I love that I can see all of my marketing content in one place.


      Evernote is where I do most of my writing and store notes of all kinds. I save articles for reference, copy questions from my readers for future posts, take notes on books and courses I work through, and more. Allyssa wrote a great post on using Evernote for your blogging process that I’ve adapted to my needs.


      An easy way to create click to tweet links that you can use anywhere. I use it to add click to tweets to my ebooks and email campaigns.

    • Social Warfare*

      The plugin I use on this site for my social share buttons, click to tweets, and pin it hovers. What makes this plugin particularly special is that you have full control over the default content for your share buttons, and you can even upload a custom image tailored to each platform.

    • Naked social share

      A free plugin to add unstyled share buttons to your site.

  • Business

    • Asana

      My business runs on Asana. This project management app can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be.

    • Todoist

      Another to-do app that I used for a long time. Definitely worth a try if you find Asana overwhelming!

    • TOGGL

      If I’m working, my Toggl app is running to track my time on each task. Since I work with project-based pricing, I check against my Toggl times to make sure I’m accurately estimating projects. I also like having a record of what I did each day, for those days when I feel like I didn’t get anything done but actually got a lot more than I thought.

    • TRELLO

      While I manage all of my to-dos in Todoist, I keep my projects organized through Trello. I use it for all kinds of projects, from client work to internal projects to personal planning. I wrote a post on it over here.


      If there is one app I wish I had paid for from the very start of my business, it’s Freshbooks. My first tax season was a mess trying to organize all of my income and expenses. Freshbooks makes it easy for me to keep my books organized all year long.


      Google Apps is where I keep all of my business documents so I can access them from anywhere and share with anyone.


      I use Adobe Creative Cloud apps everyday: Dreamweaver for coding, Photoshop for web design mockups, Illustrator for graphics, InDesign for ebooks.


      Adobe Document Cloud comes with my Creative Cloud subscription, but it’s worth mentioning on its own. This is how I get all of my contracts signed. I have a contract template where I’ve added fields for the project scope and payment, so I only have to choose the template and fill in the information to send out a new contract.

    • ZAPIER

      Zapier is a handy automation app. I use it to help me record and organize payments and expenses from my shop and membership site.

    • DROPBOX*

      I store all of my business files in Dropbox for two purposes: To sync between my iMac and MacBook Air, and as backup. I also use it to share files between designers I work with and clients.


      When I’m finished with projects, I move the files off Dropbox and to my external hard drive. I also have a lot of personal files store on my iMac that aren’t backed up in Dropbox. Though I have Time Machine running on my external hard drive, I also like to back everything up to BackBlaze just in case. Turns out, that was a good idea as my external hard drive broke in a move. Plus, it comes in handy every so often when I’m traveling and need access to an old file on my external hard drive.