It’s time to break up with Blogger.

You’ve been on Blogger for years, and you know WordPress can help you take it to the next level. But you’re a little hesitant to make the switch. Will you lose your photos? Your Pinterest and linked traffic? Your comments?

Put down the Magic mouse and take a deep breath. I’m here to help.

In addition to the 100+ sites I’ve developed on WordPress, I’ve moved over 20 blogs from Blogger to WordPress, ranging in size from 200 posts to 2,000. If you’ve heard of a migration problem, I’ve probably seen it and know how to fix it.

Let me handle the tech stuff so you can migrate to WordPress safely and securely, with all of your content in tact. I’ll even handle the setup stuff you probably haven’t thought of yet, so you can continue to focus on what matters the most — creating and publishing your content.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Read through the FAQ and Preparing for Migration tabs so you can learn what I’ll need from you to begin the migration process.
  2. When you’re ready to get started, or if you have questions prior to starting the process, go to the Get Started tab and fill out the form.
  3. To kick things off, I’ll review the information you’ve submitted, help you with any remaining items (for example, if you need guidance on web hosting or choosing a theme), and then I’ll send over a payment link to get you in the queue.
  4. Then, I’ll get to work! I’ll set up your new WordPress site, migrate some posts for testing, and set up your WordPress theme. Your Blogger site stays live during this time, and you can continue posting as usual.
  5. I also include one hour of customization time to spruce up a theme of your choice so everything looks just right. No using a theme as-is even though the font bothers you, and no spending hours sorting through documentation trying to figure out where all of the customization options are!
  6. Once everything is set up, you’ll have the opportunity to preview your brand new site before we go live!
  7. When everything looks just right, we’ll schedule the launch date! During launch, I will do a final migration of all of your posts from Blogger to ensure we get the latest posts and comments, then redirect your domain name to the new site.
  8. To wrap things up, I’ll send over a free copy of my ebook, Make WordPress Work. This book will guide you through everything you need to know to use your new WordPress site.

Move My Blog is $497, and lead time is typically 5-10 business days from the day you book and pay, depending on the current queue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Move My Blog costs $497. Unlike most migration services, which simply move your content for you, I handle all setup so you can finish publishing on Blogger one day and start posting on WordPress the next.

How long does it take?

Turnaround time to preview your new site is typically 5-10 business days from submitting payment. The process takes less time if you can prepare everything in the Get Started form upfront and provide prompt feedback during the process.

When will my new site launch?

I typically schedule migration launches for Friday afternoons. During launch, I’ll point your domain name from Blogger to your new WordPress site — this is similar to submitting a change of address with the postal service when you move. Though it typically only takes a few hours for your domain name to update to the new site, most hosts recommend giving it 48 hours to propagate through the system.

Launching on Friday ensures that your domain name has time to resolve over the weekend, plus it gives you time to play with the new site before resuming posting during the week. However, if you have a different publishing schedule, we can work out a different timeline if needed.

Will my site have any down time?

Not typically unless there is a special situation. There is a brief period as the domain name updates where some of your users will see your new WordPress site while others will continue to see your old Blogger site, but your content will still be accessible.

Is WordPress easy to use?

Most of my clients worry that moving to WordPress will be a huge adjustment, and they are pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use and how streamlined everything is. The post editor works very similarly to standard word processing apps. Many of my clients have said that they wish they moved sooner and they didn’t realize how easy it would actually be.

I get a lot of traffic from Pinterest/referral links/search engines. Will I lose that traffic?

No, you won’t lose the traffic! I set up your site so that your old Blogger links automatically redirect to the new WordPress links. While it can take search engines a few weeks to update the URLs printed in your search results, those links will still redirect to the appropriate post on your new WordPress site.

What if I still have a address?

You will need to purchase a domain name to move to WordPress. Learn more in the Preparing for Migration tab. I can still redirect your post links from the address to the correct post on your new WordPress site.

I bought my domain name through Blogger/Google. Can I still move to WordPress?

Absolutely! Blogger/Google has a domain management area that allows me to redirect your domain name from Blogger to your new WordPress site.

What’s the difference between and self-hosted WordPress (.org)? is very similar to Blogger — it runs your site on WordPress, but it’s hosted by and has a lot of limitations, with certain functionality requiring paid upgrades (like custom domain names, for example).

I recommend self-hosted WordPress, and it’s the only platform I work with. The difference is that you choose a web host and run the WordPress platform there, without the limitations.

What web hosts and WordPress themes do you recommend?

These are very important pieces to your migration — I’ll walk you through my recommendations in the Preparing for Migration tab!

Preparing for Migration

There are a few important pieces I’ll need from you before we begin the migration process: your domain name information, your web hosting information, and your preferred WordPress theme. Let’s go through each one.

Your domain name information

If your blog is still using a address, you will need to purchase a domain name. I use to check the availability of domain names and other possible combinations. If at all possible, you should purchase a domain name that follows the title of your blog, without hyphens, at a .com address. I recommend Namecheap (affiliate link) for purchasing domain names — it’s affordable and a great service. I have all of my domain names registered through them. I recommend adding privacy protection.

If you already have a domain name, great! Now’s the time to look for your login for where you purchased it, as I’ll need the login to direct your domain name to your new WordPress site. If you purchased through Blogger several years ago, you may need to search your records for an ENOM registration; otherwise it’s probably through Google.

Your web hosting information

Self-hosted WordPress requires a web hosting plan — think of this as where your site files live online. I strongly recommend managed WordPress hosting from Flywheel. They host this site! Flywheel handles daily backups, security monitoring, and major WordPress updates for you, which makes the transition really smooth so you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of your website. Most of my clients choose and love Flywheel! Their pricing is based on the number of monthly visits your site receives — this is different than your monthly pageviews. If you check out your Google Analytics, the number of monthly sessions is what you’ll need to base your plan on. If you choose to go with Flywheel, you don’t have to set up a hosting account prior to starting the migration process — I can set up your site through my own account then transfer it to you and guide you through the setup process.

If Flywheel is not in your budget, I recommend GoDaddy managed WordPress hosting or SiteGround WordPress hosting. Like Flywheel, these plans handle some of the maintenance for you. A word of caution, however: If you choose GoDaddy, make sure you sign up for their WordPress hosting and not their shared hosting. If you choose to go with GoDaddy, SiteGround, or another host of your choice, you’ll need to set up your account yourself and send over the login details to start the migration process.

Your preferred WordPress theme

WordPress site designs run on themes. Basically, your theme determines how things display, then WordPress pulls information from your database to fill your site. To choose a theme, first you’ll want to consider the features that are important to you. Do you want a slider on the home page? An archive page with a grid of photos?

Many themes are pretty flexible, but if there’s some major functionality on your wishlist, you want to choose a theme that already has that built in. Things like sliders and layouts take a lot of time to change. Things like Instagram feeds, popular posts, and social media icons can be added pretty easily to almost any theme.

Second, consider your aesthetic. If you like a minimalistic style, and you choose a theme with a busy and bright design, it’s going to be difficult to tailor it to your needs. Colors and fonts can be changed pretty easily, but overhauling a layout takes more time.

Remember that the migration package includes one hour of customization time, so you might choose a theme that’s 80% what you want, and I can tweak it to match your needs. I can also offer more customization beyond the hour included at $125/hour (subject to my availability).


Here is a list of my favorite resources for themes:

Ready to get started?

Make sure you’ve read through the FAQ and Preparing for Migration tabs to the left, then submit your information below to get started! I will review your information within 2 business days and get in touch with next steps.


  • Personal Info

  • Web Hosting

    Self-hosted WordPress requires a web hosting plan — think of this as where your site files live online. See more information in the Preparing for Migration tab.
  • If you choose Flywheel, I will guide you through the hosting setup process. Otherwise, you will need to set up your hosting account prior to starting the migration process.
  • WordPress Theme

    WordPress site designs run on themes. Basically, your theme determines how things display, then WordPress pulls information from your database to fill your site. See more information in the Preparing for Migration tab.
  • Please purchase your preferred WordPress theme and upload the zip file you receive from the shop here.
    Drop files here or
    • One hour of customization time is included with migration. Please list your requests above in order of priority. Common requests include enabling or disabling theme functionality, adding widgets, and styling fonts and/or colors. I will do what I can in the hour allotted and advise if more time would be needed to complete your list.
    • Additional Instructions

    • Please list any additional instructions or questions you may have here.
    • Login Information

      Before the migration process can begin, I will need your login information for your web hosting account (if you aren't using Flywheel) and your domain name. Please create a free account with LastPass and share your logins with
    • Blogger Access

      I will also need admin access to your Blogger site in order to transfer posts. To do so, go to Settings > Basic and scroll down to Blog Authors, then add It will send me an invitation, and I'll let you know when I confirm. At that time you'll need to update my status from author to admin so that I'm able to access all the files that need to be migrated.