Pixel perfect code for your carefully crafted designs.

As a WordPress developer, I’ve built more than 100 websites on WordPress. I specialize in websites for lifestyle publishers, service-based businesses, and digital shops. Basically, if your clients want to do amazing things through their website, consider me your go-to collaborator!

With a background in print design and experience designing for my own web design clients, I code with a unique eye for design details. I also geek out over making everything as flexible and user-friendly to the end client as I possibly can — while still preserving the details that make your design unique.

My number one priority in a designer-developer relationship is communication. I know how much your design means to you (because I’ve been there, too!), and so I will always consult with you if things aren’t looking pixel perfect and user-friendly so we can come up with the right solution for your client together.

Looking for a go-to partner in code?

Here’s a peek at my process and how we can work together:

  1. I believe the best relationships go beyond email. We’ll kick off with a getting-to-know you call so we can discuss our processes and see how we can best work together.
  2. Then, we’ll discuss the details of your project and I’ll send over an estimate for my work. Projects typically range from $2,000-$7,000 and depend on the number of templates and particularly complex functionality.
  3. When the project is a go, I’ll work directly with the client on signing my development contract and paying the $500 deposit to secure their time on my project calendar. This allows the client to get comfortable with me early on so that you don’t have to serve as the middleman when your client has development-related questions about their site. It also saves you time on administrative work!
  4. During the design phase, I’ll be available to answer any questions that come up in the design process, whether the client wants to add to the project scope, or you want to bounce some new ideas off me.
  5. Once the design is approved, it’s my turn to take over! I’ll send you a list of what I’ll need from you to prep for development, like files and special instructions. Then you can relax, while I code away!
  6. Development generally takes 4-8 weeks from delivery of files, depending on the current queue, which I post on a special page on my website for my designers and clients to view. I focus my attention on the top project in the queue until completion. I’ll also give you a heads up of the current turnaround time when files are delivered. I ask that specific launch dates and timelines be agreed upon in advance of booking, just to make sure I can accommodate the client. In these cases, turnaround times are generally 2-4 weeks depending on the complexity of the project.
  7. Once the test site is ready for review, I’ll send over the link, either to both you and the client, or just you first if you prefer. You’ll have the opportunity to review and test everything and send over a list of any fixes you may notice, before we go live.
  8. Then, we launch! I’ll set a launch date with the client, install the new site, and we all celebrate!

Sound good? Get in touch and let’s collaborate!