Make WP Work


You can do almost anything online with WordPress. That’s awesome — and totally overwhelming!

Enter my ebook, Make WordPress Work.

I wrote this book to take the guesswork and Googling out of WordPress. You’ll find answers to the questions you have as a creative who wants to make it happen online — whether you’re a lifestyle blogger, a graphic designer, a life coach, a virtual assistant, or a creative entrepreneur.

All the essentials, plain and simple. Straightforward advice and step-by-step guidance, without the tech speak.


What’s inside:

  • Learn the lingo and speak geek like a pro
  • Purchase the right domain name and web hosting plan for you
  • Set up WordPress (and break up with Blogger!)
  • Choose the right theme for your site
  • Set your site up for success
  • Blog like a pro and open your site for business
  • Extend your site with the ultimate list of plugins
  • Learn to create a little coding magic
  • Customize your theme and plugins
  • Troubleshoot problems — or prevent them from happening at all

You’ll be a WordPress wizard in no time!