It’s time to take action


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about needs. What I struggle with. What I need help with. What I needed a year ago, two years ago. How I can help others.

You know what I really need, that I’m guessing you need, too?

Someone to tell me what to do.

I started this Blogkeeping series in 2012 when I had a giant list of things I wanted to work on for my blog rather than in my blog. Things like updating the sidebar, installing a pin it button, you know. The things that get pushed aside in favor of actually publishing posts. So I decided in order to do a little housekeeping (ahem, Blogkeeping) for my blog, I needed something to hold me accountable. So I wrote about those tasks on my blog as I did them.

In 2013, after a year of working in my business full time and seeing what my clients kept asking, I realized I had a lot more to share about that than I did about style, home decor, or any other lifestyle topic I was writing so much about. So my goal for 2013 was simply to share. Like I’ve mentioned so many times before, I thrive on a consistent schedule, so I told myself that at the very least, I would write a Blogkeeping post once a week and share it in my newsletter.

Now it’s a new year, which always brings up the question of what’s next. Which brings me back to that long list of website changes I started with and the idea that we all just need someone to tell us what to do.

When that list is long, you just need a place to start. And sometimes you can’t even think about the bigger picture things because you’re too busy just trying to publish posts (let’s be honest, it takes forever).

So in 2014, I want to help you take action. One thing you can do each week for your website beyond scrambling to get that next post up. Take it or leave it, I hope it gives you a place to start.

The other change? Starting next week, Blogkeeping will be sent only to newsletter subscribers and not published on the blog. This is for 2 reasons:

1. I’ve been wanting to do exclusive content for my newsletter for a while. It’s a big thing to invite someone into your already overcrowded inbox, and I want to make it worth your time by giving you something you can’t get elsewhere.

2. The point here is to take action. And let’s be honest, you’re a lot more likely to take action if it’s staring at you in your inbox than if it gets lost in your feed reader.

But don’t worry — I’ll still be sharing content here on the blog. After all, you can’t really have a discussion through a newsletter, and I love reading your thoughts! I will just be scaling back here for a little while to try to find a new posting schedule that works well for me. My goal is two posts per week for now, with additional posts as I can.

So today, I’d love to hear what things get pushed aside on your to-do list! What goals do you have this year that you aren’t sure how to fit in between posting?

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