Why I deleted almost 500 posts

To prepare for my site redesign, I deleted almost 500 posts from my site. Yes, you read the correctly. I deleted more posts than I kept on my site.

(Before you freak out on my behalf, don’t worry — they aren’t gone forever. I copied them over to a private archive.)

Why I deleted almost 500 posts from elembee.com

It wasn’t an easy decision. In fact, I’ve probably spent the last two years debating the pros and cons with myself.

Part of the reason I held on to those posts for so long was that I felt people needed to be able to see my journey. But how many of you actually have time to read nearly five years worth of archives? And how many of you actually want to read my thoughts on interior design trends from four years ago?

Ultimately, I knew with this redesign that I wanted you to be able to find the help you need through better categorization and tagging, and giving you a way to filter all posts. Keeping old posts unrelated to the purpose of my site today would have meant forcing you to sort through irrelevant posts to find what you need.

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Furthermore, in the nearly five years I’ve been blogging, a lot has changed in regards to crediting and using photography from other websites. While I’ve always linked backed to the original source of the images I shared, some of those sources no longer exist. There were also times when I simply provided numbers below an image and added the links there instead of writing out the full credit. Now that my site is the home of my business, I’m really only comfortable using my own images or stock images that are free for commercial use. It simply didn’t make sense to update old posts that were no longer relevant to the purpose of my site.

Now I want to turn it over to you: What are your thoughts on deleting irrelevant blog posts as your blog evolves over time? Have you done it before?

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