You create the rules

One of the toughest adjustments for me in transitioning from a desk job to running my own business was actually being in charge, and it’s something I still struggle with today.

At a desk job, you get used to taking orders. You do what your boss tells you to do. The client is always right. Don’t question anything. Follow the rules.

Here’s the thing: If you don’t like something about your business, it’s up to you to change it. There isn’t a set of rules you have to follow — it’s up to you to create the rules.

You create the rules from

You are allowed to disagree with your client. In fact, most clients want you to speak your mind! Sure, you will occasionally have to give the client what they want because, after all, they are the ones paying you. But most people choose to work with small businesses because they want a more personal touch.

You are allowed to set your own office hours. If you don’t like early mornings, you don’t have to be at your desk at 8am. You don’t have to answer emails on the weekends. You don’t have to accept unscheduled phone calls. It’s simply up to you to set that expectation from the beginning with your customers.

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You are allowed to change your mind. When you realize that there’s something off about your “dream work,” whether it takes longer than you thought, doesn’t play as much to your strengths as you thought, or simply just doesn’t bring you the joy you thought it would, you can tweak your offerings to suit your personal needs. After all, your clients and customers want you to do your best work — and only you know what needs to be in place to make that happen.

Whenever something isn’t working for you, remember: You have the power to change it. It’s up to you to create the rules you need to do the work that you love, and do it well.

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